• Workshop
  • Partenariat
19.11.22 14h00 — 16h00

Desire Lines | Esch Audiowalk

Launching Event
@ Escher Kafé
The Esch audiowalk celebrates the city, its industrial and residential neighbourhoods, the cemetery, Parc Laval and its wonderful inhabitants.

Desire Lines is a research and performance project that investigates the choices we make with our feet. The artists explore how landscape and architecture, and the pathways between, all nurture our imaginations and help us define ourselves in an ever-changing world. For two years the collective has organised workshops, regular walks and encounters with local communities, as well as different audiowalks and a participatory site-specific performance in Lasauvage in July 2022.

The project is supported by luca – Luxembourg Centre for Architecture, Oeuvre Nationale Grande Duchesse Charlotte, frEsch asbl, Ville de Dudelange, Ville de Differdange, Ville de Kayl.