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10.09.22 / 20.09.22


A work-in-progress exhibition by the AA Visiting School Luxembourg 2022
luca - Luxembourg Center for Architecture
© Stephen Gill, Coexistence, Luxembourg, 2011 (commissioned by CNA - Centre national de l'audiovisuel)
The luca – Luxembourg Center for Architecture exhibits the by-products of the spatial intervention created by the participants of the ‘AA Visiting School Luxembourg 2022 – European Capital of Culture’ in the south of Luxembourg between 29th August to 11th September 2022.

During the visiting school, participants explored the role of architecture within the production of cultural events which claim to contribute to urban and social regeneration. In order to respond to this provocation and make their case, the participants focused their research on the various architectural projects of the European Capital of Culture – Esch 2022. Simultaneously discussing spatial observations through designing and participating in a circular construction workshop, they were challenged to speculate on the positions of architects within the cultural domain and the agency they may have in encouraging positive change. 

The process of designing and building the one-to-one scale structure produced along the way an unplanned series of creative experiments relying on various media. 

The exhibition at the Luxembourg Center for Architecture will show a selection of this work-in-progress material, such as images, objects, text, sounds, and other fragments, which emerged from the theoretical and practical workshops during the two weeks. It invites visitors to look for emerging ideas in the Unfinished, which are often too easily discarded as part of generic design processes favouring projected results over experimental challenges.

Exhibition credits :

AA Visiting School Luxembourg 2022

/ Participants
Christine Jiayi Chen
Daniel Fennell
Wenxiu Huang
Emine Ayse Karaarslan
Raven Kiss
Selin Sarikaya
Ektor Theoulakis
Ekaterina Trufanova
Maria Vavoule
Ioulia Voulgari
Lili Wagner
Mohammed Zanboa
Yunfei Zou

/ Programme Heads
Anouk Ahlborn
Fearghus Raftery

/ Team
Architectural Association School of Architecture
AA Visiting School


/ luca – Luxembourg Center for Architecture
Eline Bleser, Lili Krack, Marie Lucas, Thomas Miller, Giulia Zatti, Séverine Zimmer

/ Master in Architecture – University of Luxembourg
Francelle Cane, Florian Hertweck, Markus Miessen, César Reyes Nájera, Sara Volterrani 

/ CELL – Center for Ecological Learning Luxembourg | F.U.T.U.R.E Project – Esch 2022
Léonard Andersen, Marine Henry, Norry Schneider

With the support of
Œuvre Nationale de Secours Grande-Duchesse Charlotte

Special thanks to
Danièle Wagener, Emile Lutgen, Petra Penders, Maité Schenten (Oeuvre)
frEsch A.S.B.L, Ville d’Esch, Esch 2022, Bâtiment 4 Collectif
Nancy Braun (Esch2022), Erna Hennicot-Schoepges, Simone Beck
Kerstin Thalau (radio 100,7)
Julie Marthe Hoffmann (WAA), Étienne Duval (YO studio)
Sergio Carvalho, Philippe Nathan (2001)
Will Jennings (recessed.space)
Pierre Hurt (OAI)
Laurie Kremer (Industriekultur-CNCI)
Serge Ecker, Eric Marx (dKollektiv)
Jean-Marc Arnaudé (CNA)