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14.11.23 17h30

URBAN FUNGUS Architecture is a complex mesh

Lecture by Mio Tsuneyama (architect and founder of Studio mnm)
@ luca - Luxembourg Center for Architecture
© Specht Studio, 2023
We see architecture as the restoration of the knitted mesh of things that have been cut to pieces.

Architecture has been considered to be for human beings, but we intend to redraw architecture from the viewpoints of multiple species. In order to coexist with various forms of life, architecture must be built not with destructive force, but with a weak force that only slightly disturbs the ecosystem.

  • Guest lecturer : Mio Tsuneyama (speaker online)
  • Venue : luca – Luxembourg Center for Architecture
  • Language : English
  • The lecture will be streamed online via the following link.
  • Priority for the Question & Answer session is given to participants attending in person at luca.

This lecture is part of the lecture series “Worlding Soils : Caring for Soil Communities in Minett” organised by the Master in Architecture (Uni.lu) in collaboration with luca.

Mio Tsuneyama

Architect and Founder of Studio mnm

Mio Tsuneyama is a Japanese architect and founder of Studio mnm since 2012. She studied at Tokyo University of Science (TUS) and completed her study at École Polytechnique Fédéral de Lausanne (EPFL) in 2008. She worked at HHF Architects in Switzerland until 2012. Mio teaches at TUS since 2013 and at several universities internationally such as a guest professor at EPFL in 2022-2023 and as an adjunct associate professor at Columbia GSAPP from 2023.



Mio Tsuneyama © Jumpei Suzuki