• Conférence
13.03.24 18h30

Architects meet Architects. Episode 2

Júlia Dubois (BCN) + Balàzs Földvàry (BSL) + Valentin Piret (BXL)


@ luca - Luxembourg Center for Architecture
As part of the travelling exhibition "Cities Connection Project 06. Shared living spaces", luca is inviting three architectural practices from the three cities represented in the exhibition - Wallonia-Brussels (BXL), Basel (BSL) and Barcelona (BCN) - to present their work and discuss it with their Luxembourg counterparts.

"Cities Connection Project 06. Shared living spaces", aims to establish a dialogue between three European cities/regions – Wallonia-Brussels (BXL), Basel (BSL) and Barcelona (BCN) – chosen for the quality of their architectural works. To mark its visit to Luxembourg, the curators have selected 5 projects from Luxembourg to be shown alongside the 60 other projects in the exhibition. The exhibition will provide a platform for dialogue between Luxembourg architects and their European counterparts.

The exhibition in Luxembourg is organised by Cities Connection Project and Wallonie Bruxelles Architectures, in collaboration with luca – Luxembourg Center for Architecture, and with the support of the OAI – Ordre des Architectes et des Ingénieurs-Conseils.


  • Júlia Dubois, architect and communications manager,  arqbag.coop (BCN)
  • Balàzs Földvàry, architect and founding partner, Atelier Neume (BSL)
  • Valentin Piret, architect and founding partner, CENTRAL (BXL)


  • Jean-Paul Carvalho, architect and founding partner, Carvalho Architects (LUX)
  • Philippe Nathan, architect and founding partner, 2001 (LUX)