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19.03.24 18h30

TEN: Resilient Environments

Nemanja Zimonjić (architect, educator, director and co-founder of TEN)

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Avala House, TEN © Maxime Delvaux
TEN is an architecture, design, and research association working on the principle that value is an outcome of design effort. Its engagement on public themes of interest and open research on the built environment is shaped by its common statute.

TEN is composed as a record label, providing new formats for interdependent work groups with emphasis on design by research. It aims to conceive, explore, and produce ideas that both state and expand upon emerging practices in the built environment. Its focus lies on producing new realities by means of building prototypes, urban propositions, algorithmic design, and materials research with a range of collaborators, colleagues, institutional and private partners. 

Nemanja Zimonjić

Architect, educator, director and co-founder of TEN

Nemanja Zimonjić is an architect and educator based in Zurich and Belgrade.


He is the co-founder of TEN, a design practice developing collaborative and prototypical projects in the field of architecture in various scales. He was born in Serbia and holds a Master of Science in Architecture at Swiss Federal Institute of Technology.



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